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 green checkmarkI want to PROTECT my children by filtering what they see and hear in movies.

 green checkmarkI want to have FULL CONTROL because I don’t always trust someone else’s opinion of what is appropriate or offensive.

 green checkmarkI often find myself saying, “I loved watching that movie, except for that one scene.”  Make your favorite movies 100% ENJOYABLE using our movie filtering software.

 green checkmarkI want to CONTRIBUTE to making the world a better place by creating and sharing movie filters to help protect children from media violence, sexual content, and inappropriate language. Creating filters, and telling my friends about enJoy, is an easy way to do something good that makes a difference.

Other recommended products

I recommend these other products. They cost more, but they have some advantages over enJoy:

TV Guardian: I LOVE this product. It mutes foul language from TV shows and movies.  I have no complaints about this product and I think every home should have one.

Movie Cleaner: MovieCleaner mutes offensive language in streaming movies from Netflix and Amazon. MovieCleaner scans the closed captioning information for a movie and whenever a sentence containing a bad word is found, it mutes the volume. In this way it's similar to products such as TVGuardian, only without a physical device. MovieCleaner is an extension for desktop versions of the Chrome web browser, so if you can use a browser on a computer to watch your Netflix or Amazon videos, this is for you. (In the future, they hope to have versions for Android and iOS mobile devices). l have not tried their service.

Other Products

For me, the next products have some negatives, but this is my personal opinion and these issues won't bother most people. You should research these products for yourself.

1) Control. You can select categories and intensities of what you want to see, but you don't have full control over any and every scene.  The control-freak in me does not like that.  There are things that might bother me or my family that the people who create the filter marks might not have marked.  I've used the example before of fear of fire.  A burning house is not necessarily "violent" so it might not be marked, but a child who is afraid of fire would still be scared by that scene.  I want the ability to fully mark a movie with anything that I know would bother my family.

2) Price. The costs are not overly-high, but since I am frugal, I don't like the idea of paying per movie. I prefer the idea of paying per month, so I can watch as much as I want during a certain time frame. You will have to visit their websites to look at their current payment plans since those can change. l have not tried their service. However, I have heard that Hollywood is suing them. I think it's important to protect all companies who offer filtering services. Please sign this petition to support VidAngel and our right as viewers to filter movies.

ClearPlay: I have not tried their service.

For Books:

The free Clean Reader app for books will filter out profanity.

Movie Filtering Software

enJoy Movies Your Way is powerful, yet easy to use software for Windows 7 that allows you to create edited movies. It gives you the power to filter movies and decide what you and your family see and hear in your DVD movies. With our Scene Intensity Rating Scale, parental control is back in your hands, and you can tailor the contents of the movies to each member of the family. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more, view our Video Tutorials on YouTube, or Download now! The freedom of enJoy's low cost, fully customizable features and convenience easily makes it the best movie filtering device on the market.

Filter Any Scene to Create Edited Movies

Unlike similar products on the market, enJoy Movies Your Way is fully customizable for movie filtering and can skip any theme or scene that you do not think suitable for all members of your family. enJoy Movies Your Way has excellent filter accuracy because you can set filter marks (bookmarks) at any scene. In addition to scenes that contain potentially objectionable content, such as graphic violence, sexual content, offensive language, or drug use, you can also edit scenes with uncomfortably tense moments, such as a child trapped in a burning building, which might be too disturbing for some young children. Our software puts the power back into your hands so that you and your loved ones can enjoy family-friendly movies once again!

Easy Download

Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can start enJoying clean films Your Way with just a few clicks of the mouse! Download enJoy directly from our website today.

Clean Movies

enJoy Movies Your Way is not just parental control software. It also enables conservative adults to clean movies for their own viewing. Adults can then enJoy their edited DVD movies from any genre without having to worry about repeatedly running across themes that make them uncomfortable. For example, enJoy Movies Your Way allows couples to enjoy romantic comedies while still feeling comfortable with the romance!

Full Control

With enJoy Movies Your Way, you have the power to decide what you see and hear in your DVD movies. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more, view our Video Tutorials on YouTube, or Download now!


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